Hytech-imaging continues its expansion in Canada. He was present at the CHC2020 conference in Quebec City at the end of February, and presented his latest work in SDB in the north of the Saint Lawrence River [1], in collaboration with CIDCO in Rimouski, active partner of Hytech.



Rich discussions around the estimation of uncertainties associated with the estimation of bathymetry by satellite imagery, and great challenges to come on the application of the SDB in the Arctic context!

See you soon! And don’t hesitate to contact us for more information (info@hytech-imaging.fr).

[1] Estimation of Satellite Derived Bathymetry capabilities for shallow water mapping in the Saint Lawrence river, Marc Lennon, Nicolas Thomas, Simon Guéguen, Alexandre Guyot, Sylvain Gautier, Mohamed-Ali Chouaer, Jean Laflamme, Canadian Hydrographic Conference CHC 2020, Quebec City, 24-27/02/2020.

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